Template Website Packages

Now you can have the ease and affordablility all in one package with our new template packages. Starting at $300.00, our template packages will let you decide the web theme colors, page layout, and images. By using our template package, you will save time and money with the simplicity of only having to state your website preferences. Some template packages will only take one month to implement before you will have your website online available for the public to view.

  • Basic Informational Web Site
  • Includes up to 6 web pages (home, about, contact, servies, etc...)
  • Basic Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration adds $15/month.

Custom Website Packages

Basic Website
5 Page Custom Website
Standard Website
8 Page Custom Website
Advanced Website
10 Page Custom Website
5 Web pages 8 Web pages 10 Web pages
10 Photos 20 Photos 30 Photos
Site Layout Site Layout Site Layout
Text formatting Text formatting Text formatting
Meta tags, keywords Meta tags, keywords Meta tags, keywords
Graphic optimization Graphic optimization Graphic optimization
Buttons, bullets, bars Buttons, bullets, bars Buttons, bullets, bars
Background Background Background
External and Internal links External and Internal links External and Internal links
Navigation menu Navigation menu Navigation menu
    1 Custom Form
    Custom Graphics
Total Package $500.00 Total Package $800.00 Total Package $1,400.00

*Please note: All packages do not include Web Hosting or Domain Name Registration. An additional charge will be priced accordingly.

For a listing of additional web site features, please view our price list.