Internet Services include:

  • Web Design using strategy based web site development and online marketing
  • Ecommerce Solutions that offer flexibility of client-controlled or provider-controlled maintenance
  • Event Calendars with a web interface for user interactivity.
  • Database integration of web site with an option for easy maintaince via client-controlled
  • Flash and other Multimedia including graphic elements, animation, audio, and video
  • Internet Marketing integrate web design with focused marketing and search engine optimatization strategies
  • Hosting Services including email and statistics

Programming Services include

  • JavaScript - add functionality such as requiring a correct email address in forms, or calculations within a form
  • ASP - create intricate database solutions , along with dynamic functionality
  • Visual Basic - scripting language used to create event driven applications within the web site
  • MySQL - Database interface
  • Perl - programming language used to create portable scripts useful for system management, data manipulation, and Web CGI programming.